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I agree the risk outweighs the benefit to put flame retardant chemicals  in our mattresses. Please stop the laws requiring this.

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See other peoples  Comments on Flame Retardants in Mattresses
A new law requires dangerous flame retardant chemicals to be added to your mattress. The primary chemical used will be a poisonous pesticide called Boric Acid that has many known health risks including, anemia, cyanosis, coma, testicle damage, infertility, sterility, fetal death, birth defects, and simple slow poisoning!


Whole Story  Please see the whole story on the dangers of these chemicals in mattresses, or jump to parts of this report from these hot-links:
Quotes and Links from recent Science, EPA, and CDC
Boric Acid Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Pesticides Linked to Stillbirths
Doctors Quotes on this issue
What Proponents Say and Rebuttals

Cutaway Photo of Boric Acid Innerspring Mattress
Amount of Boric Acid in Mattresses by Size

Studies : Links to studies on other flame retardant chemicals
Retailer Comments on Flame Retardants in Mattresses