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Toxicological Risks of Selected Flame-Retardant Chemicals (2000)
Commission on Life Sciences (CLS)


This review also did not have exposure data. They said they would greatly prefer to have exposure data, but it was beyond their charge to take the simple steps to obtain such data. They guessed and used data of Antimony leaching form vinyl, a nonporous surface. This is far different than a water soluble powder applied to breathable textile fibers. While claiming to use conservative assumptions they assumed a child would only be able to suck 1/1000 of the chemical contained in the sucked area after sucking for one hour. With exposure data this part of the review would likely have reached much different conclusions. More importantly, it is not a relevant comparison to the greatly different circumstances of mattresses. See quotes and links to the study at NAS-Study

Interestingly, this review had some data for Antimony and warned against Antimony as a flame retardant for upholstered furniture.